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Trees need to be removed for reasons such as unhealthy and diseased trees and trees are in the way of landscape or structures. Sometimes trees are just old and pose a safety hazard.

Property owners and gardeners can know that a tree needs to be removed when trees have dead wood of either multiple branches or the trunk. Dead branches can fall and be a danger to people or at least destructive to property. When a large branch breaks off the main tree and gets lodged within the other branches or if a significant crack is found, the tree should be removed.

Homeowners can save money by cutting a tree down themselves, but this is a dangerous job. Make sure you are accurately assessing the height of the tree and where it could land. If the trunk of the tree is partially rotted, it will be difficult to predict whether it will split away from your cut line. And once the tree is down, you will still have a lot of work to do.


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